Incense in its purest form.

Real Incense is the ancient tradition of combining aromatic substances, including fresh herbs, gums, woods, resins, and oils that produce a pleasing fragrance or scent when burnt—used for a wide range of purposes from spiritual to religious to ritualized self-care. At Triloka, we honor tradition by ethically sourcing high-quality ingredients, hand-making and sun-drying our incense, and working with artisans because we believe the magic and a healthier experience are in that art.

Responsibly Sourced
No fillers, artificial anything
Since 1977
How Incense can support your daily life.
Self-Care Rituals

Set the tone for the day, or relax and unwind with these great mood up-lifters.

Spiritual Practices

Burn during times of meditation, prayer, reflection or to cleanse and clear your space.

Functional Benefits

Enhance your space with fragrance, or increase focus, creativity and motivation while you work.

How our Incense is made.
Made in India according to the ancient masala method, a tradition passed down through incense-crafting families in India for generations. This method creates incense with a long-lasting fragrance that leaves a subtle aroma even after the incense has gone out.
Step 1: Base Ingredients

Triloka’s ancient formulations uses the freshest sandalwood, herbs, gums, woods, resins, sun-dried flowers, botanical extracts, and aromatic oils.

Step 2: Masala Paste

Following the tried-and-true ’masala’ method, artisans hand-blend per scent the assortment of ingredients to form a paste.

Step 3: Hand-Rolled

Using traditional techniques, artisans hand-roll and hand-press the paste onto bamboo sticks or shape it into cones. We sustainably use bamboo instead of wood as bamboo stalks regrow faster.

Step 4: Dried in the Sun

The sticks are then gently placed to dry in the sun to keep the fragrance intact. This method creates Incense with a long-lasting fragrance that leaves a subtle aroma even after the Incense has gone out.

What’s the difference between Triloka
Original, Premium, and Specialty Incense?
Original Incense Sticks
Known for a lighter scent and clean burn.
For a convenient and light incense experience, our sticks are hand rolled with natural ingredients that create a cleaner burn with a pleasant lasting after-aroma. This is the base of all of our incense products.
Burn Time
Scent Strength
Premium Incense Sticks
Known for a richer scent and clean burn.
All you can expect from Triloka Original, plus a richer smell and longer-lasting after-aroma.
Burn Time
Scent Strength
Try Our Specialty Incense
Known for unique formulations.

Custom-ingredient blended incenses that create a more ideal environment for events or rituals, made the Triloka way. Our specialty sticks are great for meditation & yoga, spiritual rituals, and religious practices.

Choosing the Incense that’s right for you.
Incense Sticks

Incense Sticks for a convenient, light, clean burn.

Soft steady aroma
Use Indoor or Outdoor in a well-ventilated area
Convenient & Reusable
The most popular form of incense
No chemicals or additives-this means no machine-made charcoal sticks dipped in perfume
Incense Cones

Incense Cones for a quick burst of richer scent to fill larger spaces.

Stronger, longer-lasting scent
Good for large spaces
Use Indoor or Outdoor in a well-ventilated area
Pure, hand-pressed Incense material
Triangular shaped for a more aromatic experience
No chemicals or additives
Incense Resins

Incense Resins are the purest form used for ritual practices and are closest to the ancient use.

Made from hardened tree saps and natural plants
The purest form of Incense, so there is no manufacturing or making involved
Stimulating woody fragrance
Most smoke-generating
Triloka is made with the utmost quality.
Sustainably Sourced

Triloka prioritizes the use of recycled, tree-free, only natural ingredients, and eco-friendly inks.

Fair-Trade Practices

From around the world, we partner with makers and suppliers who share our mission to maintain ethical trade practices and remain environmentally conscious.

Only the Finest Ingredients

Triloka provides the highest quality, natural ingredients based on traditional Ayurvedic practices.