So What Sparked All This?

In 1977, young environmentalists created a small Incense company inspired by ancient practices and using global resources. Their mission was built upon intention, and we continue that today—taking ancient practices and mindfully crafting products that purify, enrich, and comfort the world.

Over four decades, our tiny shop sparked something huge – eventually spanning the planet. From our sage grown in Mexico to our Incense made in India and Palo Santo from Peru, we source globally—integrating vibrant cultures into every wand, stick, and bundle we make. We’re connected to the world, and you can be, too!

We’re Fair Trade & Ethically Sourced
Sustainably Sourced

Triloka is dedicated to working with partners who are committed to using natural or recycled materials and sustainably sourced ingredients. For more than thirty years, we have partnered with suppliers who share in our mission to maintain ethical trade and remain environmentally conscious.

Fairtrade Practices

We partner with small, community-driven Artisan suppliers to create shared value, promote openness and transparency, and respect human rights and diversity — for the sustainability and continuation of generational, time-honored aromatherapy.

Wellness Benefits of Quality Ingredients.
At Triloka, we use aromatherapy to illuminate the spaces we inhabit, inside and out. We offer air care, meditation, relaxation, and mood- enhancing products for conscious, eco-friendly people who want to elevate their spiritual and/or sensory experiences through ancient time- honored traditions and quality craftsmanship.
Offering only traditional handmade products, we pay homage to ceremonial practices from around the world and bring them into your indoor and outdoor spaces.
Supporting a Happy, Healthy Mind and Planet.
At Triloka, we give back to organizations in the U.S. and worldwide that align with our mission, such as the Vishwa Foundation, a non-profit organization focused on creating a harmonious balance between human life and the natural world.
We also contribute a percentage of our sales directly to Doctors Without Borders. We have vendors who support reforestation and rainwater harvest initiatives in India and a Native American smudge cooperative. We look forward to continuing these great partnerships with our suppliers and supporting these important organizations.
Supporting Women & Families.
Our partners promote self-reliance and financial independence. They have a growing community of more than 500 women from across India, working from their homes, hand-rolling incense sticks during their free time for added income. These free training sessions and provisional hand-rolling kits have opened economic opportunities for them to pursue.