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The Triloka Difference

Experience the Highest Quality, #1 Health & Wellness Incense Brand, Since 1977!

Triloka, pronounced Tree-Loka, is an ancient Sanskrit word that means three worlds — referring to the connection between the heavens, earth, and our atmosphere. Our Aromatherapy Incense honors India's handcrafted 'masala' tradition by blending each stick with the freshest aromatic herbs, woods, flowers, and essential oils. The masala paste is hand-rolled on bamboo sticks and placed in the sun to dry. We have elevated this traditional incense technique with unique and vibrant fragrances. Our natural, non-dipped process produces a fresh, clean, light burning fragrance. Triloka is here to support a happy, healthy mind and planet. Whether you are using incense for air care, relaxation, or meditation...

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Our Sustainable Practices
Sustainably Sourced

Triloka is dedicated to working with partners committed to using natural or recycled materials and who maintain environmentally conscious practices.

Fairtrade Practices

Developing and maintaining long-term, sustainable relationships with our Fair Trade partners is an integral part of our culture. Many partners have provided our products since the brand was founded in 1977.

Only the Finest Ingredients

Our aromatherapy products are hand-crafted with a variety of the finest, high-quality herbs, florals, gums, resins, oils, and woods.

Which Aromatherapy is best for you?
Whether you’re lighting it for air care, meditation, or relaxation, Triloka’s collection of Incense, Herbal Bundles, Palo
Santo, and Essential Oils are here to support a happy, healthy mind and planet.

Handmade using the freshest herbs, woods, gums, resins, and oils.

Herbal Bundles & Palo Santo

Handcrafted using the finest, sustainably harvested plants and wood.

Essential Oils

Made from pure plant and flower extracts.

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